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Why you need UV protection?

Most people are aware of the importance of using sunscreen when they are outside to protect their skin from harmful radiations but not everyone knows that these radiations can harm your eyes too.

Choosing the right type of sunglasses is very important. Having a good quality lens for you glasses can solve that problem for you. The frame shape and height is also equally important. there are a lot of frames that are wrapped around your eyes, these frames gives you sun protection even on the sides. Polarized lenses also gives you good protection from harmful radiations. They help to reduce glare from bright lights and eyestrain.

Benefits of wearing good quality sunglasses:

  • Reduces the risks of getting eye conditions such as cataracts.

  • Helps to protect your eyes from the glares.

  • Makes it comfortable for you to see in bright lights,

  • Helps in reducing eyestrains and headache.

Sunglasses for all ages:

Did you know that your kids need them too? It is doctor recommended to start wearing sunglasses at an earlier age so that there is less damage caused to your eyes by harmful UV radiations. However making sure the frame and lenses are safe for them to use is also crucial. There are some lenses that are made of glass which can be dangerous for kids use. Therefore go to your nearest optometry and find out which sunglasses are best for you and your kids.

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