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Ortho Keratology - Paragon CRT

Freedom from glasses with the benefit of myopia control. 


Play as hard as you want to! Life’s too short to let glasses or soft contacts get in your way of enjoying your life. So, whether you’re chasing the perfect wave, catching a flight to your meeting, bouldering at Yosemite or just going out to dinner—Paragon CRT® gives you the ultimate gift…FREEDOM. Imagine yourself with clear, crisp vision without glasses. Imagine enjoying your active life without daytime contacts.

Paragon CRT® Contact Lenses are made for you—people who enjoy life, people who play hard and don’t accept limits. If you are myopic/nearsighted and have trouble seeing distant objects, Paragon CRT® lenses may be right for you. While glasses and traditional contacts can help correct your vision, they may get in the way in your busy day. Unlike conventional daytime contacts, which can cause dry eye and discomfort. 

Our lenses are worn overnight. They gently correct the curvature of your cornea while you sleep. In the morning, you remove your lenses and enjoy improved vision that lasts throughout your day.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not! Over 1.5 million Paragon CRT® lenses have been prescribed in more than 50 countries worldwide.


Orthokeratology uses specially-designed contact lenses that are worn overnight to manage myopia. When the contact lenses are removed in the morning, children can see clearly without the use of glasses or daytime contacts.


In the U.S., the prevalence of nearsightedness (myopia) has increased 66% since 1971. It is reported that greater than 80% of urban Asian children suffer from form of nearsightedness (myopia). Myopia usually begins in childhood at school age (six years
and onwards) and can worsen until early adult years.


The causes of myopia are both genetic and environmental. Increased urbanization and close-range activities such as reading and computer work, may increase the incidence of myopia. These factors can cause the eye to elongate, preventing light rays from properly focusing on the back of your child’s retina. These physical changes to the eye cause blurred distance vision symptoms commonly known as nearsightedness.


  • FDA approved up to -6.00D, with or without 1.75D astigmatism, and unlike LASIK, there is no age restriction

  • Alternative to constantly changing prescription glasses with progressive myopia

  • Patients concerned about their nearsightedness getting worse can benefit from myopia control effect

  • Anyone with with active or athletic lifestyle and currently wears spectacles or daytime soft contact lenses that interfere with daily activities.

  • Adults who suffer from uncomfortable daytime soft contact lens wear that may cause dryness symptoms

  • Adults who are apprehensive about having eye surgery or afraid of a bad surgical result, Paragon CRT® correction is reversible.

  • Great option for patients who are not a candidate for laser surgery, due to age (too young) or contraindications

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