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Medical Visits

We offer a wide variety of medical visits. Medically necessary visits are covered by Alberta Health Care in most circumstances. Medical visits include visits for several reasons as indicated below. 

We also accept referrals from other providers for specialty services or products.

A list of most services is below.

Diabetic Eye Exams

Diabetes can impact vision and blood vessels in the retina. If you are diagnosed with diabetes or have any visual issues, they may be related to diabetic changes in your eye. It is recommended that anyone diagnosed or being treated for diabetes be seen for a dilated diabetic eye exam annually for a dilated exam and fundus imaging.


Findings can help determine the extent of diabetic changes have occurred in the eye, and by extension, in the brain. Diabetes can also cause cataracts, dry eye, and abnormal blood vasculature on the eye that can be assessed at these visits. 

Annual diabetic exams are recommended. 

Ocular Surface Disease (Dry Eye)

Dry eye can be categorized into different classes that allow for different treatment recommendations. Dry eye services we offer include:

  • anterior segment imaging (photos and meibography)

  • microblepharoexfoliation (lid and lash cleaning)

  • tea tree oil treatments (for demodex infestations)

  • radio-frequency thermal treatment

  • manual gland expression 

  • tear film analysis

Dry eye evaluations are covered by Alberta Health Care. 

Emergency Visits

Emergency visits are available for any emergent conditions including:

  • foreign body removal

  • ocular infections

Skip the ER for anything eye related.

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