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Welcome to our offices! We have been offering Optometry services in Calgary since 2009. Our offices are located Saddletowne and Bridgeland. We offer comprehensive optometry and optical services with in house lens edging and frame repairs (1 hour service available!).



We strive on providing comprehensive optometric service in a learning environment. As a host to optometric students, we provide a comprehensive approach to eye care that provides both the patient and our students a full A to Z evaluation of your ocular health. 

Optometric services:

  • ocular imaging (photos and tomography (OCT))

  • topography

  • perimetry (visual field) testing

  • glaucoma testing

  • ocular diabetic testing

  • dry eye testing and treatment (meibography, microblepharoexfoliation, meibomian gland expression, radiofrequency)

  • myopia control services (orthokeratology, atropine, or  contacts or glasses)

  • specialty contacts (RGP, scleral, XR, multi/monofocal)

  • occupational testing (D15, Bailey Lovie, Visual Field Testing)

  • head trauma 

  • ocular disease management



Optical Services:

  • prescription glasses

  • single vision, progressive, occupational, and other speciality lenses.

  • 1 hour glasses service

  • wide selection of flexible paediatric (kids) frames 

  • wide selection of occupational safety frames

  • frame repairs and adjustments

  • frame modifications (including nosepad implants)

  • prescription and non-prescription sunglasses

  • lens replacements into your own frame

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