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Contact Lenses

Several soft contact lens options available to fit a majority of prescriptions for all ages.


Depending on your visual needs, prescriptions can be adapted from glasses to contact lenses to be able to comfortably go glasses free for distance and reading. Single vision, monovision, and multifocal options are available with soft contact lenses.


We carry a large selection of lenses to fit a majority of prescriptions and shapes of eyes in store. Specialty soft lenses can be ordered for custom/higher prescriptions.

Soft Contacts

Soft contacts come in several parameters to fit most prescriptions. Several contact lenses are available on site for most prescriptions to allow for same day fittings. Soft contacts come in single vision spherical lenses, toric/astigmatism lenses, and multifocal lenses.

Daily, Biweekly, and Monthly disposable lenses. 

Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) "Hard" Lenses

Rigid lenses can be fit to allow for superior vision in several cases where glasses do not correct vision adequately. They can also be used in cases of severe dry eye, severe astigmatism, or very high prescriptions. 

For progessive myopia (ortherkeratology), irregular corneas (keratoconus, PMD, corneal disease), severe dry eye, or significantly higher prescription

Myopia Control Lenses

Contact lenses can be used to reduce visual stimulus that can be causative factors for myopia progression in children. Using myopia control contact lenses allow for changing the way light focuses to reduce factors involved with myopic progression. Soft contacts can be worn daily, or with certain prescriptions, glasses can be replaced with overnight ortho-keratology lenses that replace the need for prescription glasses with specialty overnight contacft lenses used overnight.  

Specialty contacts to reduce progressive myopia

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