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Eye Examinations

A comprehensive eye exam at our office includes a full ocular health check, dry eye screening, and a retinal health exam to screen for ocular conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, and other systemic complications from diseases like diabetes, hypertension, or systemic inflammation.


Greater than 65 years old

In Alberta, seniors (65 and older) are covered under Alberta Health Care for a routine eye exam once a year. Eye exams at our office are covered without any additional payment or balance billing due from seniors. All comprehensive testing is completed as part of your exam with special care taken for ocular conditions that can develop or worsen with age. Diseases that can impact your vision with age make it vital to have your eyes checked regularly.

Children and Youth

Less than 19 years old

In Alberta, children (from birth until you turn 19), annual eye exams are covered by Alberta Health Care. At our office we do not require any additional payment or balance billings for these routine visits. Exams for children are focused on checking for any ocular conditions that can hinder visual development. Any issues that could compromise visual development or comfort for patients with higher visual demands (reading, screen use, visual tracking and stereo vision) are evaluated and assessed to determine if any intervention is needed. If you or your child experiences difficulties with reading (skipping/reversing words, lines, or reading comprehension), an eye exam can reveal any visual problems that could be causing these problems.

Adult Eye Exams

Adult eye exams are recommended on an annual basis. We provide comprehensive eye exams that includes an updated prescription and ocular health exam. Additional testing and imaging is available as needed with no hidden additional costs (anterior/posterior imaging, meibography, topography, visual field testing (perimetry).

Between 19 to 64 years old

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