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Contact lenses Do's and Don't

Can you believe there is an option to not wear glasses all the time? Contact lenses are an excellent solution for people who don't like to wear glasses all the time. For example if you're doing sports or even swimming there is an option to wear contacts. However there only specific lenses to use for swimming therefore contact your nearest optometrist to help you find your new best friend for swimming and sports.

Wearing contact lenses makes your life more convenient but they have to be worn with utmost attention. See your optometrist to do teaching session with them to learn how to safely insert and remove contacts so that you don't end up hurting your eyes.

Things you don't want to do with contacts:

  • Do not sleep with your contacts unless prescribed by your doctor.

  • Never use water or saliva or soap to clean your contacts.

  • Never wear them for extended time period unless prescribed by your doctor.

  • Never reuse or top off solution.

  • Don't use expired contacts or solution

  • don't shower or bathe with your contacts

  • Don't touch your contact with other surfaces as they might get contaminated.

  • Don't wear contacts if your eyes are red or irritated or if you feel sick.

  • Never rub your eye too harshly with contacts that can damage your cornea.

  • Don't allow any makeup to get in contact with your lenses.

  • Do not use any towel paper with microfibers as they might get in contact with your eyes and irritate them.

Things you want to do while wearing contact lenses:

  • Always wash your hands with soap and water before touching your eyes or contact lens.

  • Use clean solution to store your contacts.

  • Always clean your case before putting your lenses in it.

  • Remove contacts if you feel any discomfort.

  • See your optometrist if you are struggling to remove your lenses or if you are unsure if you have any lenses in your eyes.

  • Use eye drops to create more moisture in your eyes.

  • Insert contacts before using any makeup.

  • Always keep your left and right lens separately.

  • Replace your contact lens case at least every 3 months

  • Always take out your lenses at night unless you're prescribed by doctor to wear overnight.

If you have any questions for us or want to book in for a teaching session reach us at or

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