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Why you should spend on a good quality lens.

When it comes to getting glasses, most of us look mainly on the frame. However what's more important for your glasses are the lenses which often gets neglected by most of us.

Good quality lenses can provide you with greater protection. Simply adding an additional coating of blue light protection can make a huge difference to your everyday life. It helps to reduce eye strain and protects your eyes from the harmful light emitted by the computers or screens.

There are specific lenses for specific activities. Therefore explain thoroughly what your daily activities look like. This helps us to guide you with the correct type of lens for your glasses.

Good quality lens makes your glasses last an even longer duration. Adding anti-scratch and anti reflective coating to your glasses can improve the quality of your lenses and also your vision.

Investing in a good quality lens is as equally important as it is for the frame. There are a lot of tiny details in your prescriptions which can affect the quality of your vision with your glasses. Bad quality lenses can possibly lead to blurriness, headaches, eyestrain and change your prescription overtime.

Depending on the prescription the lenses quality needs to be adjusted accordingly. For example if the prescription is a little bit higher the lenses need to be thinned out more and possible would need to be a different type of material too. Therefore invest some time by seeing an optometrist to find out which type of lenses would benefit you the most.

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